CGGC-UNPOWER, with equipment and technology of distributed energy as its business basis and energy internet as its core concept, is an integrated supplier of world-class smart energy solutions for the distributed energy industry.

The main products are: gas engine generating set, gas turbine generating set, heavy fuel oil generating set, high-speed diesel generating set, electrochemical energy storage equipment, flywheel energy storage equipment, dynamic and static UPS, energy-saving security power system for data centers, comprehensive security power system for semi-conductor manufacturers, generators capable of overload etc.

We are dedicated to integrated application solutions in energy area such as gas engine power plant, gas turbine power plant, combined cooling-heating-power energy station, heavy fuel oil power plant, emergency(or main) power system, floating power plant, packaged power plant, electrochemical energy storage station, flywheel energy storage station, Dynamic UPS,Static UPS, Energy-saving security power system for data centers, High-performance integrated security power system for semi-conductor manufacturing plants, Anti-overload generator set.

Whole life cycle solutions can be provided to our clients, starting from investment, financing, engineering, consultation, supply of generating equipment, EPC, energy contract management, up to operation and maintenance. 

With cooperation agreements signed between leading enterprises in the world, such as Solar Turbines from USA, Caterpillar from USA, MAN from Germany, WAN from Finland, MTU from Germany, Perkins from Britain and Cummins from USA, both domestic and abroad markets are explored by joint efforts through ways of technical support, product introduction, information sharing and strategic cooperation. We endeavor to reduce cost through production localization and dedicate ourselves to provide the best products and services in the world. Our service network covers all over the world, which will provide timely services to our clients. For all the products we supplied, our operation service center monitors operation status around the clock, offers on-line service and remote diagnosis. 

CGGC-UNPOWER is headquartered in Beijing China and has a manufacturing base in High-end Equipment Industrial Park of Wuhan City. Customers and friends to are warmly welcome to visit us.