CGGC-UN POWER Adhere to the business philosophy "technology is the origin, service is the spirit, talent is the basis" and always regards talents as the basis of enterprise’s establishment, competition and development. The company has formed a good culture which is respecting personnel, respecting the business, respecting knowledge, respecting talents and fair competition. With our unique employ strategy, promising business development, fine environment for talent development, effective excitation mechanism and people-oriented enterprise culture concept, we are making our enterprise into the best location where all talents gather.

1, Creating a fine platform and promising future for talents – enterprise retains talents.

2, Providing good benefits to various talents in the scope of a enterprise – benefits retain talents.

3, Creating fine cultural atmosphere, enhancing the internal harmony and cohesion – culture retains talents.

The above three retaining methods are the key positioning of human resource management our enterprise.

We adhere to fair, just and open selection and assigning for talents, we have formed a scientific human resource management system, which allows all capable and enterprising people to be able to to utilize their abilities to achieve their own aspiration.