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CGGC-UN Power paid a visit to Huaian, Zhangjiakou for supporting primary school students


On April 23 2018, Xufen, secretary of CPC branch in CGGC-UN Power and office director, representing the company, along with the companions, came to Changsheng Primary School to fulfill the duty of supporting students in hardship. With the help of social warm-hearted people, a total of 3 students of this school , who will be supported regarding studies by CGGC-UN Power, have been nominated as the funding targets after investigation of their family backgrounds and deep interviews.

Xufen, the representative of CGGC-UN Power, conveyed cordial greeting to the 3 students, signed the charity donation agreement, and sincerely entrusted them to study hard without family considerations. She expressed that CGGC-UN Power would definitely fund them to complete their studies, and she had faith that they would be the backbone of this country someday.

This targeted donation activity is an important measure concerning proactively fulfill social responsibilities, take targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty, support charity and public welfare, safeguard social harmony mentioned in the 2018 work report of CGGC delivered by the chairman, as well as specific embodiment for fulfilling the social responsibility of better the peoples life, promote social development. CGGC, in the future, will bear more social responsibilities, and make more contributions to the public welfare of the country.