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Sinoma Overseas present a pennant to CGGC-UN Power regarding Angola NC Heavy Fuel Power Plant Project


On the afternoon of January 11, Gao Chao, general manager of Sinoma Overseas Development Co., Ltd. and his delegation, on behalf of the company and Angolan NC Cement Plant Project, gave a pennant to CGGC-UN Power, saying Exquisite technique manifests craftsmanship, sincere cooperation builds model project. Liu Fei, general manager of CGGC-UN Power, on behalf of the company, welcomed Gao Chao and others, accepted the pennant and showed gratitude.

The Angolan NC Cement Plant Project was contracted by Sinoma Overseas Development Co., Ltd., and CGGC-UN Power is responsible for the construction and operation of the auxiliary power plant for the project, providing the project with electricity for construction, household and production. This project is a model of Going Global led by Chinas Belt and Road strategy. The successful cooperation between the equipment manufacturing business segment and the engineering construction business segment is praised by the political, business and industry sectors in Angola. This project, guided by Chinas One Belt One Roadinitiative, is a model of successful cooperation between the equipment manufacturing business segment and the engineering construction business segment  among Going Globalenterprises, which is praised in the political and business circles in Angola.

During the talks, Liu Fei first expressed his gratitude to the Sinoma Overseas Company for their dedication to the work of choosing CGGC-UN Power, as well as for their partners, trust and support in cooperation. He pointed out that CGGC-UN Power is an influential smart energy solution provider and core equipment supplier. For three consecutive years, the three major indicators of the company's contractual contract volume, operating income, and profit have all surpassed 100%. In 2017, CGGC-UN Power signed a new contract for Indonesia's Package V 100MW Dual-fuel Power Plant Project, Pakistan SK Heavy Fuel Power Project, Guangzhou Wanbo Gas Power Plant Project and many other domestic and foreign projects. Besides, there are also many projects that have been successfully launched or made breakthroughs, and the Angolan NC Heavy Fuel Power Plant Project is one of them.

Gao Chao expressed his appreciation for the achievements made by CGGC-UN Power and expressed its gratitude for the tremendous contribution to Angola NC Cement Plant Project constructed by CGGC-UN Power for Sinoma. He sincerely hopes that the two sides can further strengthen mutual friendship, seek more cooperation opportunities, join hands to explore and deepen overseas markets, and achieve mutual benefit and common development.