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Good news from Iraq: Another monument of CGGC-UN Power along One Belt One Road


On January 25, 2018, the first phase of Iraq's SAMAN Japanese-made 5300T cement production line, which was provided by CGGC-UN Power output protection, was successfully produced.

The SAMAN Cement Project is the first cement clinker production line of the Gezhouba Group invested by the Baha Group in Samawah, Mussa, southern Iraq. Due to the serious shortage of electricity in Iraqi countries, the national grid is not operating smoothly. After comprehensive considerations of the overall strength, performance reputation, project quality, and compliance ability of the owners and the main contractor, and the contractor of the supporting 50MW heavy fuel power plant constructed by CGGC-UN Power for its cement production line was identified.

The Iraq SAMAN Heavy Fuel Plant Project is another project that has been put into operation after the Pakistan NJ-TBM Heavy Fuel Power Plant, the Liberia Bonanza Heavy Fuel Power Plant, the Kenya Assehhe Heavy Fuel Power Plant, the Angola NC Heavy Fuel Power Plant, and the Pakistan Carot Heavy Fuel Power Plant. After the official operation of Iraqi SAMAN cement plant powered by it, it enters the official operating state, thus effectively motivating the progress of local industry and construction industry, stimulating employment, and promoting the social and economic development and social modernization process in Iraq.