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CGGC-UN Power organizes all the staff to watch How Marvelous, My China.


On March 2, CGGC-UN Power organized all the staff to go to the movie theatre for the movie How Marvelous, My China, making all the workers of CGGC-UN Power proud of our country.

Since its founding in 2013, CGGC-UN Power has been development itself at the same pace with the new era, dedicated to building a green, low-carbon, sharing and intelligent energy system.

In the movie, it propose that the country put all-out efforts into developing the widespread photovoltaic power station and wind power generation, which fall within the business scope of CGGC-UN Power. Yangxing Photovoltaic Power Station with 22MW constructed by CGGC-UN Power in Yangqu, Shanxi, realized one-off synchronization and electricity generation, making vast contributions to realization of the organic unity of local ecological, economic and social benefits.

Over several years, CGGC-UN Power has been constructing and responsible for operating and maintaining several model electricity station projects that accord with the local livelihood and international standards, which are in the countries along with the One Belt One Road initiative. And the electricity stations include Karot Heavy Fuel Oil Plant that provides household and construction electricity for Karot Hydropower Station, which is the first giant investment project listed in the optimal implementation energy cooperation projects of ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor; And the NJ-TBM Heavy Fuel Power Plant, which provides electricity protection for the TBM operation during the construction of the Three Gorges Project NJ Hydropower Station in Pakistan, and the Iraqi SAMA Heavy Fuel Power Plant, which is the supporting power plant built for Iraqs SAMAN 5,300-ton cement plant, as well as zero-breakthrough 100-megabit dual-fuel internal-combustion engine plant project and SK heavy-oil power station that is signed in Indonesia by China for the first time.

In addition to the photovoltaic, wind, and distributed energy mentioned above, the main business of CGGC-UN Power also includes solutions for energy storage and new energy cities, etc., and it is walking progressively towards domestic first-class, international leading smart energy solutions and core equipment supplier.

Since its establishment, CGGC-UN Power has obtained a number of patents and has built a number of power plant projects at home and abroad, making major breakthroughs in the fields of photovoltaics, wind power, energy storage, and new energy. At the same time, the business model, active exploration, innovation, win-win cooperation, successful development of a number of international markets have become hot topics for Chinese-funded enterprises to study and learn from abroad.

Let all of the workers in CGGC-UN Power continue to work hard to promote the development of the industry.