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Principal Secretary of the Water, Sanitation and Irrigation Ministry in Kenya Inspects the Thwake Dam Project


On August 20, HON. Joseph Irungu, PS of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation Ministry, Kenya, paid a site visit to the Thwake Dam Project together with relevant personnel of the Water Conservancy Department, local government staff, Chief Inspector of the Public Security System, and journalists from three media including Daily Nation, and encouraged CGGC to build the Project a model project in Kenya.

The Delegation Inspects the Project Progress

As the largest project under construction in Kenya, the Thwake Dam has caught the eyes of the whole country. This time, the delegation paid this visit in a bid to understand the project progress, HSE, as well as welfare benefits and working environment of local employees in a more intuitive and comprehensive manner.

Reported by Head of the Water Conservancy Department

During the period, the delegation visited the mixing station, excavation areas of the left and right dam abutments, debriefed the overall project planning reported by the Head of the Water Conservancy Department and report on site construction progress by the Chief Supervising Engineer. The delegation also gathered all safety officers and supervising engineers to learn about safe production measures, dust control and working environment of workers on the site, visited the hospital of the Project Department, mobile toilets and heat prevention stations in the construction area, and spot checked the wages and benefits of several local employees.

Water PS Irungu fully affirmed the progress of the Project and superior performance in HSE, and extended gratitude to CGGC for effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of local employees. As he noted, the Project is now fully on track, with its performance satisfying the requirements of the owner. The Project Department strictly follows the salary standards stipulated in the Labor Law of Kenya, proactively creates harmonious working environment for employees, and continuously promotes the sense of belonging and well-being of foreign employees by offering them attentive healthcare services. As the builder of the Three Gorges Dam, CGGC is believed to enjoy powerful strength to satisfactorily undertake the Project. He hoped that CGGC could further fulfill the contract, carry forward the high-standard work style in HSE, and ensure “zero accidents”. The Water,Sanitation and Irrigation Ministry in Kenya will actively leverage support for smooth implementation of the Project.

The Delegation Takes Photo with Chinese Employees in Campsite